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To question general practice. That’s our way to reach new aims.

Innovations are the basis of our standard machines for daily use

Packaging machines – innovative and available

An optimal, innovative machine engineering suitable for daily use – that’s the proper description of emkon. serial machines. The standardization of packaging machines offers various advantages:
Efficiency and quality, as well as short delivery times and an attractive price-performance ratio.

Machine concepts – flexible und approved

We offer open and modular concepts together with proven technology. This is our standard, a flexible standard. emkon. serial machines can be configured according to customer requirements and therefore offer the flexibility of a customized solution.

emkon. machines – professionally documented

We prepare our know-how for the user with regard to all legal requirements. A professionally created technical documentation (operator’s manual, spare parts catalogue, service manual, etc.) is essential for high customer satisfaction and for safe and efficient use of a packaging machine. Of course, emkon. machines correspond to the latest machine guidelines and are CE certificated.

An example of the benefits of a serial machine is the emkon. Pouch Packer Family – it offers highest flexibility in three different options. The line has a modular design which facilitates easy and quick conversions. Furthermore customer specific expansions are possible.

Profit from our know-how and our experience. Rely on our quality.

Walter Haack

Walter Haack
Manager Mechanical Assembly

“Only a good team builds high-quality machines. We are a good team.”