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Optimal packaging machine building is obligatory. Inspiring innovation is free. We can both.

Why do they say that we’re so different?

Values are the cornerstones of our company. At emkon., the focus is on people because they are the foundation of our success. The people are the source of every development and idea. Some call it crazy, but new innovations do not arise from rationality. The boldness to think, act and design our daily business differently has made us an internationally successful manufacturer of packaging solutions. Our expertise as a turn-key provider for machine lines, standard systems and developer of customized solution is based on our four principles.

Social Responsibility

tl_files/articles/philosophy/Soziale Verantwortung klein.jpg“We are committed to responsibility and loyalty in the confidence that we can achieve anything together.”
We literally practice social responsibility every day – at work, privately, and communally with others. Our unwavering concept of loyalty originates from the basic attitude. We belief that we can achieveour aims and aspirations together. This is more than just team work, it is team spirit.



Flexible Modularity

tl_files/articles/philosophy/Flexible Modularitaet klein.jpg“The emkon. solution is based on flexibility and modularity.”
An emkon. customer should not have to replace entire machine chains only to add or exchange one link. At emkon., flexible modularity means less investment for greater productivity. This flexibility enables our customers to modernize more quickly. How do we do that? The base are continious learning and flexibility in our minds, combined with a mechatronic approach. This is also reflected by the unique modular design of our machinery. That is the only way how we can create new solutions. The only old thing we adhere to is the target of economic success of our customers.

Performance from Conviction

tl_files/articles/philosophy/Leistung aus leidenschaft klein.jpg“Performing from conviction means: the motives are individual and the mission called emkon.”
We are performance-oriented and uncompromising drivers – even towards ourselves. We are passionately pragmatic. As perfectionists, we constantly look for challenges that demand better technical paths to provide customized solutions. As restless inventors, we strive towards top achievements. We are looking for the limits of our creativity in being different.


Technical Innovation

tl_files/articles/philosophy/Technische Innovation klein.jpg“Do not wait. Innovate!”
To us, innovation means driving new technologies. Leading. For our customers, it means having a competitive advantage. By the emkon. innovations, they gain a significant advantage in their productivity. Therefore we approach every job at emkon. with the idea of setting new technological standards or at least improve the prevailing standard. Like a pole jumper who keeps adding up a few inches each time. Stagnation is regression – even if this sounds trite.

Andreas Dittrich

Andreas Dittrich

“Who wants to increase productivity is not allowed to stand still.”